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Friends Lets wish to reconnect , let us connect and reconnect someone who is left alone in this colossal world, a little bit of your contribution will change someone world for ever. In this mammoth game of life journey, few of the loved ones have been disappeared in the crowd. This can happen to anyone of us. Its way difficult to comprehend the pain and agony of the parents /family members whose integral portion has been missed from them. We wished to help them through us in whichever way we could and hence came up with a solution in digital media, which these days has become a vital part of our routine. The idea came to us through our leaders vision of 'We care'.

What We Think About Our Charity


To extend a hand to find a missing member is just a help towards the same. Missing can happen to anyone, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, spirituality or age; however, researchers have identified some groups of people who are more at risk of going missing: Young people under 18 years of age, account for over half of the missing persons. Females and small children are identified as a high-risk group. People experiencing mental health difficulties. Mental health difficulties may impact on a person’s problem-solving abilities and their ability to cope with everyday living. Elder people with dementia or memory loss, may be at increased risk of going missing. People experiencing dementia-related illnesses may wander and become lost and are vulnerable if not found quickly. The sole idea is to find shelter for these people..

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You wish to a volunteer and get associated with us for a cause ? Lets be together welfare this society. Give us a shout and we will be there for you, jointly serving society .

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A Businessman, Philanthropist, and social worker he takes a keen interest in charitable causes related to benefits of society & nature. Philanthropy initiatives in the areas of Nature, Missing Members, Spirituality, Medical and Education are very important to him. A farsighted visionary that he is, Mr Sharma created the platform of & wishes to extend his concern & thoughts to help common people across the globe in such an ordeal by reconnecting the missing to their respective families.

His wisdom and relationship has given his group of companies a strong foundation and his effective ground-breaking expertise are being leveraged in policy creation, processes, administration and business development.

Mr Sharma leads the company’s initiative to extend its presence into strategic markets and strengthens its development plan. An expert entrepreneur with over decades of experience Mr. Sharma plays a key role in shaping up the growth model in his various ventures.

Praveen Madhav Sharma

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