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F.A.Q s

  • 1: What is

    Answer: is a non-profit initiative of Praveen Madhav Sharma with the only purpose of reconnecting world. It helps you to reconnect with your missing members/belongings.

  • 2: How is it different from the many websites which do similar work?

    Answer: is one of its kind website in the world & is a unique platform which is not only designed & developed for the benefit of finding missing members all across the world but it gives an opportunity to the user to upload or find their missing pets & other belongings. It’s all about reconnecting with our missing member or belongings. We back ourselves with face recognition technology and a dedicated team expert in search engine optimization & digital marketing so that the missing member/pet/belonging details can be spread across the globe as soon as possible. We have and look forwards to more association with numerous NGO’s and registered volunteers all across the globe which help us for ground work & reconnecting the missing. We have introduced an alert section in the website in which any one across the globe can post an alert for his safety or safety of the people around him. We or our associated volunteers do not charge any fee of any kind.

  • 3: Who is behind

    Answer: Praveen Madhav Sharma, a Businessman, Philanthropist, and social worker he takes a keen interest in charitable causes related to benefits of society & nature. Philanthropy initiatives in the areas of Nature, Missing Members, Spirituality, Medical and Education are very important to him. A farsighted visionary that he is, Mr Sharma created the platform of & wishes to extend his concern & thoughts to help common people across the globe in such an ordeal by reconnecting the missing to their respective families.

  • 4: What is the objective of the activity?

    Answer: The only objective is reconnecting world. We created this platform with a vision that it helps to reconnect missing members/belongings to their respective families & right owner. This is a no profit or donation initiative.

  • 5: Will connect with the police department and how will that help?

    Answer: Yes we will inform the police department. However we insist all the user of missing members to register an FIR with the local police and if any assistance required we will be more than helpful. Informing the Police is always a safe tool and in the end it keeps our volunteers safe and proper action can be taken if required against the suspect of guilty.

  • 6: What is the technology that you are using for locating missing people?

    Answer: We have a dedicated team of experts in Search Engine optimization & Social Media, who make it sure each post of missing is spread to many around the globe. Along with we have Face Recognition and Detection Engine enabled at our admin end. Our website is build in php and will be enhanced regularly in terms of easy user interface and modern techniques.

  • 7: Will the geographical reach of the website?

    Answer: is created for the benefit of the entire world.

  • 8: How many languages will the website be available in?

    Answer: We have installed Google Converter on the website. This will enable users to select a language other than the primary language i.e English as per their choice & comfort.

  • 9: What is your plan to reach the people so that they know if someone is missing or not?

    Answer: We believe that if our purpose is for the benefit of the common people it would spread automatically. Our strength is the goodness of the common people & volunteers who will share the same thought as ours of reconnecting world.

  • 10: How will you coordinate between the police, the missing person’s family?

    Answer: By emails & phone call.

  • 11: What is the procedure to be followed when a person goes missing?

    Answer: You need to Register a complaint with the local police and also register on We will also require the FIR number or Missing report obtained from the police.

  • 12: Communicate tools with

    Answer: One can connect us through our website, email or phone call

  • 13: How can NGOs participate in this mission?

    Answer: We have a separate section for NGO’s. They can register with us and upload all the missing people details.


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