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Our Purpose


Dear LORD ,

We perform prayers for the patience and peace for the family of the beloved ones who are missing. Prayers to bestow us on this mission with enormous strength to prove our worthiness in the society with grace.Prayers for the missing members who are alone, who are shattered from within, do not let them fall apart dear lord. Be with them with every walk they do, give them confidence that you are there, you are within them and you are holding their hand not to fall them apart. In this journey for a noble cause we pray kneel down with hands folded, get the missing ones on their nest unscathed and protected. Dear Lord, Hear our prayer ! From humanity cultivated from you.

We believe in being simple. Hence our Purpose in the website is divided into Four categories:


    In this segment you will find people and belongings which went missing and this information have been uploaded only by family or friends of the missing person or by the owner of the missing belongings.

  • FIND

    In this segment if you have found someone or some belongings somewhere and want to reunite it with the right owner or family you can simply upload the photos, location & details by registering with


    In this segment if you see a child begging or a child working or you come across an accident or you see something suspicious happening around your neighborhood/office/street/city you can trigger an alert for Child Labour, Child begging, accident or social security.

  • N.G.O

    In this segment we take the initiative to tie up with an NGO across the globe and their entire list of missing people whom they have given shelter to is available. This gives an opportunity to a family member or friend to have a look at the missing person lists all the NGO’s in the city/state/county at one time.


    Come join hands in this social & welfare cause and try our level best to spread this message and connect the missing with their respective families. We do not expect much from each individual. All we ask is to spread and share our website so that more and more people can reunite with their families. Now is the time that we share this rather than sharing only jokes and videos.

हे ईश्वर हम दुआ करते है , आप सभी को सुकून और शान्ति प्रदान करे

सब को हिम्मत दीजिए , मान और सम्मान के साथ अपना फ़र्ज़ निभाने की हिम्मत दीजिए

अपने आस पास रहम दिखाते हुए सब शान से जीवन निभाए दिल की गहराई से हम आपको पुकारते है , इनकी सब की हिफ़ाज़त कीजिए , हर पल इनके साथ रहकर इनकी ताक़त बनिए

अनजान राहों पर भी आप पर भरोसा इन्हें राहत और ताक़त दे

हर भाइयों - बहनो ( हर खोए हुए ) को अपना आशीर्वाद दीजिए की इस अकेले सफ़र में और मंज़िल के तरफ़ बढ़ते हुए वक़्त में इनके क़दम डगमगाए नहीं .

हर किसी को नयी ताक़त और नहीं हौसला दीजिए . उनके दिल से हर डर को मिटा दीजिए , और उन्हें हर हाल में सुकून मिले , सही राह दिखाइए - हे ईश्वर ताकि सब सही सलामत लौटे . हमारी पुकार सुनिए ईश्वर - सब को घर ले आइए - यही माँगते है हम आप से ,

आप का बनाया हुआ समाज और परिवार